Product Review Spotlight: LoveBug Probiotics

Being a new Mom is no joke, and having to go back to work took a serious toll on my body, mind, and overall energy level. Let’s talk about what it’s like to be undead, shall we? Ask any new Mom. We are The Walking Dead and are most certainly more dangerous than actual flesh eaters. I always tried to keep a clean diet and as a vegetarian I also try to make sure I’m getting all the yummies I need to stay well. Add in nursing? Well, I needed some help after Leo was born. So, when LoveBug Probiotics and the CEO and Momma behind them, Ashley, reached out to me to try them out I basically jumped through the computer screen. Ashley is a Mom who realized her family needed an extra boost of good healthy goodness. Most of us don’t get enough healthy bacterias and are off balance due to the Standard American Diet. Scary, huh? 

LoveBug is different because rather than capsules, LB has a biotract blend that delivers 15x more live cultures right to the gut, where they need to be! They are small enough to be easily swallowed. No horsepills here!! I also love that the company is woman and mom owned. Let’s lift each other up, right? 

After I had Leo I turned into the college vegetarian. I lived on pizza, french fries, and pasta because it was easy and I had a newborn. Thanks to nursing I still lost a lot of weight, but I didn’t feel awesome. I also knew what I was eating, Leo was eating too. So, I started to clean up my diet again and added in “Here’s the Skinny” which helps to support a healthy gut and energy levels. I felt sluggish because I was fueling my body with junk. I felt great adding in my salads and soups, but really got a great energy boost once these babies kicked in. I felt the full effects within about two weeks and loved it!

When I went back to work after my leave, I wanted to make sure those nasty middle schoolers didn’t get me sick. I almost escaped until the first week of June. Right when I went back I added “Colds Suck” into my routine to boost my immunity. It has ZINC, ECHINACEA and VITAMIN C which made a trifecta of gut health and immune boosting power. I loved this and will include it in my regimen throughout flu season this upcoming year!

As a new Mom, or any lady who loves feeling ah-hem, balanced & fresh, Yeast is a Beast is for you. If you’ve taken antibiotics and they’ve wrecked that delicate lady flora, you need these in your life. I also love that this probiotic comes packed with Cranberry to further promote urinary health. 


LoveBug is the real deal ya’ll! I’m loving their clear ingredients, upfront information, and of course the powerful good bacteria in each tablet. Their names are super cute, too. They even have probiotics for the littles, which I’ll look into as Leo gets bigger. Do you have probiotics in your daily routine? Start here! 

Editorโ€™s note: The products mentioned in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company. I have not been compensated in any way, and all aforementioned opinions are honest and my own.

2 thoughts on “Product Review Spotlight: LoveBug Probiotics

  1. That’s good that they’re easy to swallow. I can’t swallow big pills, so I’m always devastated when pills are huge.

    Have you tried essential oil rollers? I have a Cold & Flu oil blend that I really like. (I got it from Mythic Mist on Etsy). I just rub it on the bottom of my feet and pulse points. It smells good and is supposed to boost your immune system.

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