I’m 30 and Having a Blog Crisis

Seriously! Lawd, I don’t even know where to start with my midlife blogging crisis. It is the real deal. You hit 30, maybe become a parent, maybe even get a new job and all of a sudden you’re “Mom”, “Wife”, “Homeowner”, “Multimillionaire.” Working on that last one I guess? Anyway, this blog has always been all about beauty, lifestyle, and adding in my own teachery nerdy twists and views on life. Lately, I’ve been focusing on GETTING THINGS DONE because I have a kid and life gets crazy. But, my blogs have been lacking that personality. I’ve been annoyed with my layouts, but as long as that product gets posted, I was fine with that. Well, not so much. I’m keeping this blog all about my beauty and lifestyle obsessions, but I’m adding in the authenticity that I used to have. The passion. The drive. The freaking personality! I had it, lost it, decided to ignore it, and now I’m back to it. For real.

Am I still going to reach out to companies and try all of their amazing products? You bet! Am I going to talk about the newest way to make tempeh? Probably! And, am I going to gush about my adorable baby and pup who also follow in my crunchy hippy ways? Duh. But I’m going to try and do it more often, more personally, and less boxed and packaged. I’m going to talk about lifestyle and content that matters to ME and hopefully YOU! I also hope the brands I’ve come to build great relationships with like Awesome Bars, Pacifica, Crazy Rumors, and more will come to enjoy it too. Not to mention I have a more “bloggy” less “corporate” look and feel. Starting with this trippy SnapChat filter. 

So, are you still with me? Let’s do this thing already! I missed the old Curls.nu. I’m happy to say she’s back and better than ever!


5 thoughts on “I’m 30 and Having a Blog Crisis

  1. GIRL, I FEEL U.

    Since my lappy broke, I’ve felt this same way. ? So I say, “My blog has been *Cisco’s voice* rly boring,” and I laugh about it and mean the joke, but there’s more to it in that it’s been so devoid of my personality—the quality I once loved most about my blog. I haven’t been able to include it because I’ve not had, like, that Liz essence I had a year ago. It really sucks. (I’m getting a lappy soon, however.)

    In this journey, though, I think I’ve gotten to know myself better and learned what I really want with my blog. Before, ’twas a mere blog—I blogged about anything and everything! Now, I’m more selective and, despite it lacking a niche, know it’s main direction/purpose.

    Of course, at the back of my head is a voice going, “Yeah, yeah—how is this different from all those other times you had a blog crisis and came back knowing what you were gonna do?” But blogs are dynamic, and I know I can grow with this one easier. I may be facing homelessness if I can’t sort out a way to use it to create an income so I can move into an apartment next spring, but…I’m trying not to freak out too much. ?? (Tips appreciated tbh.)

  2. I hope you start blogging more often! I think the key is to not try so hard. Just be yourself and write about things that matter to you. Too many blogs these days try to stick to just a couple topics, but it’s a lot more interesting when you blog about a variety of things. There’s always something to write about. 🙂 That’s something I’ve been discovering since I started my new blog. I was so worried in the beginning that I wouldn’t have anything to say, but now I’m finding things popping into my head several times a week that I think is worth making a post about. 🙂
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  3. It’s been so hard to motivate myself to blog, period. I can’t wait to read more of your content. So happy to see that a lot of my favorite bloggers are popping back up, you included. 🙂

  4. Ugh, I KNOW this feeling 100%, girl! I’ve been pushing myself every day to try and make an effort and it’s just not worked out the way I want it to when it comes to trying to blog. I’m trying to get more motivation. Very happy to see you returning to the blogging world with some life updates and such! :3 This is so exciting! I think this might just be my push/motivation, honestly 😀

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