Holiday Safety for our Furry Friends!

We all know that holiday celebrations mean extra treats for all! However, with Myles in the house and coming with us to many celebrations, I always have to be extra careful with what I’m feeding (or what someone else is trying to feed) Myles. If you’re new to owning a pup, or even if you’re a seasoned dog parent, keeps it simple by outlining what’s good and bad for Fluffy!

Before I owned a dog, I didn’t even know that some of these foods and plant decor could be so dangerous. So, skip the Pointsettias and Holly and stick to a nice holiday candle instead (hint hint, readers, hehe). And make sure to check out to find your new best friend!

One thought on “Holiday Safety for our Furry Friends!

  1. Good to know!! I’m always having to closely watch Dallie while she’s eating because she likes to sneak bites to our dog. I, honestly, wouldn’t have even considered the plants listed. I don’t have any of those out, I am a candle lady myself, but good to know!!

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