#GetOrganized: How I Isolate the Crazy

I am the chief organizer of the house. It’s always been that way and always shall it be. I’m fine with that because I have a lot of stuff to organize. I save things that others might find strange like cards, journals, and ticket stubs (hello scrapbooking), but once we bought our home a few years back we realized how much stuff we’ve accumulated over the years like decorations, furniture, and artwork. How do you keep it in all in check without losing your mind? Here’s how I make it work!

Everyday life and obligations: 

  • Plan, plan, plan. For my job, I still use a traditional paper planner for lessons and the like, but for my regular life? I’m all digital now. After going through planners of all kinds, I’ve streamlined with my iCal on my phone and laptop. It took some getting used to, but I’m loving how easy it is to add events and set alarms so I can remember what’s on tap for the day.
  • Make a list. I’m not completely done with paper and pen! I use a journal to make lists, reflect on the day, and make sure I know what’s where. For example, I collect Snowpinions (google that) and I make a list of all of the ones I have so I don’t receive duplicates as gifts. 
  • Have one central calendar. Ours is on the fridge whiteboard style. That way we all know what’s happening and when it’s happening. 

Why do we have so much stuff?

Storage bins to get organized
Image credit: Wayfair.com
  • Storage bins! I’m obsessed with the larger than life tupperware storage bins like these. They are cheap, easy to use, and they work for just about anything. We use these for all household decor for holidays and for books! If you’re storing in your basement these help keep valuables dry!
  • Statement pieces. I love a good reclaimed wood drawer set or vintage looking basket, too. These are great for storage that’s hidden in plain sight. 
  • Benches like any of these add some extra seating. We have a smaller house (beach life, ya’ll), so having storage that doubles as seating for company adds a nice, useful touch. 

Have you set your goals yet to help you #GetOrganized this year? What are you trying to do differently to isolate your crazy? For more inspiration check out Wayfair.com’s Storage Solutions!

4 thoughts on “#GetOrganized: How I Isolate the Crazy

  1. I’m the organizer of the house too. I can’t trust my husband with that! I used a traditional planner when I was in school, but now I’m all digital as well. I put everything on a digital calendar, whether it’s iCal for work or Google calendar for personal stuff. I share events with my husband too, so for us, the central calendar is Google.

    I love the feeling of making lists on paper and crossing things out, though I’ve switched to digital for that recently. I like the idea of statement pieces that can be used as storage 🙂 I’m trying to find some things like that too. For me, shelves are a life saver! I’ve bought several over the past year that I can use for both storage and decoration. I have also turned to binders and file cabinets lately to deal with paper clutter.
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  2. I use google calendar – all colour coded, so I know at a glance what I’m doing, what my wife’s doing and where she is, what the kids are up to, if there’s any important birthdays/anniversaries/appointments coming up. And then of course, it reminds me of these things. I’d be lost without it.

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