If I Were Going to Coachella and/or Burning Man

I haven’t been to a really great music festival in a long time. I’m old now. A crazy night to me is sitting on my couch staying up later than 10 p.m. to binge-watch Portlandia while eating 99% fat free popcorn. In a former life I was obsessed with the glam side of music festivals just as much as the music. But, I was a snob. Something where I might sweat, have to sit on the ground, or be close to strangers freaked me out. Now…fast forward to my late (late) 20s and going to Burning Man or Coachella would be my JAM! And because I’m older, wiser, and DGAF about what other people think anymore, I’d probably have a lot of fun. And, I’d wear some whacked out stuff. For now, I’ll settle for wearing my paisley pants in the classroom. But a girl can dream right? 

I am obsessed with anything comfy and flowy. If I were going to be out in the heat, I need something that isn’t going to make me hotter. Enter the palazzo pant in a funky paisley print. I wear these on the regular because they’re so fun and light. I can almost smell the Patchouli incense (oh, wait…that’s just me), and the same goes for anything with FRINGE. I’m loving the woven bags that I’m seeing everywhere this Spring. This cross body bag shown above makes toting my goods easy. You’re supposed to pack light at these things, right? Buh bye…tote bag! Next up…the American Flag short (because my husband thinks they’re tacky). I love how rompers look on other people, but I haven’t been brave enough to actually wear one yet myself. Maybe this summer is the summer I give it a whirl? And last but not least a loud accessory or piece like this backpack OR the sunflower shorts. I’m not one for mixing prints, but I might make an exception to the rule just this once. 

What are you loving for the summer? What pieces do you think I need to finally brighten up my funeral director wardrobe? I’m trying, people! Help me get colorful!

5 thoughts on “If I Were Going to Coachella and/or Burning Man

  1. Ah, I’ve heard of various music festival stuffs and have friends who are obsessed with them, but I could never, and still can’t, find myself getting into them. :p I still don’t understand what Burning Man is, but it’s apparently not about a selected man being set on fire.

    I really love the shorts you have pictured above. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve a brown leather purse that is small and barely fits everything I need inside, but it’s got fringes (apparently that is the latest trend?). Mimi got it for me…plus my way younger cousin and my twelve-year-old sister. Not completely my style, but…I can manage?

    I’m probably a bad example to go to for summer fashion, because thus far I’m in a lot of white, greys and blacks; some yellow and turquoise; and a little red. I…should probably start diversifying my wardrobe, no? XD

    (Also, did you receive my last letter, or is it me who has yet to send something? D; I can’t remember and officially fail as a pen pal (not that that wasn’t obvious before).)
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    1. It’s me who needs to send something to you!! Totally my fault right now!! I’ve been a lazy ass. ๐Ÿ˜› Burning Man is kind of a festival and social experiment. You live on the playa (desert) and you camp. I’d probably only do it if we had a RV because I’m kind of a diva. But, they no longer allow dogs. So, that one might be out for me. I love bringing Myles with me to places.

      I’m trying to diversify my wardrobe. I really want to find clothes that are out of my black and grey realm too. So far, so good! It’s not easy!

      1. Black and grey is so slimming, and…meh, it’s habit, I guess, from living on the farm. I need to learn not to get my clothes dirty so quickly. I get random stains in my other colored clothes and no clue where they come from. :p

        Burning Man sounds…interesting. I don’t think I’ll ever go. XD

        And it’s okay! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t slack yet again.
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  2. I agree with you! This is why I hate jeans! They do not fit on my body like I want them too. So I wear a lot of leggings and other comfortable clothing. Thank God I’m not alone.

  3. Love the flowy top! The pattern on the backpack looks cool too. I was never into music festivals, but I used to go to rock and metal concerts a lot. I don’t do it anymore because… I feel too lazy for it, haha. I’d rather just relax at home now.

    I’m currently trying to replace my summer wardrobe. I have too many black tops! Lately I’ve been shopping Asian fashion because they have so much cute clothing ๐Ÿ™‚
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