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cruelty free kid

I’ve already started working on my baby registry despite the fact that I’m not having a shower before baby arrives. If people want to give a gift, I’m open to it (and extremely grateful), but I’m looking toward having a Christening/Meet the Baby party afterwards! Obviously, we’re having a cruelty free kid. I want to make sure I’m using safe, nontoxic, and animal friendly products on my baby and usually those three requirements come together in one package. Moms like Sunny and Janine have shown me that living a safe, and chemical free lifestyle can be very doable even with another person to “manage.” Through Vegan Cuts and other cruelty free boxes, I’ve gotten some great previews of cruelty free kid items. Here are my favorites that I’ll be sharing with our Little One come December. 

Of course, I’m thinking about onesies, diapers, and all of the equipment I’ll need, but I’ve been thinking of some fun items too! Cruelty free kid items are not hard to find, and with a little research you can raise your very own nontoxic crunchy granola muncher. Knowing, personally, that I’ll be using safe products on my little one gives me peace of mine. Here are some of the non-essentials I wouldn’t mind if someone got me (in triplicate, haha).

cruelty free kid

First up? The Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb (say that three times fast, I’ll wait). I’ve been a longtime lover of all things Lush, and their baby products are no exception. Our nephew loved this bath bomb and I loved the gentle lavender EO which is perfect for winding down at the end of the day…for Momma, Daddy, and Baby (and probably the dog, too). 

Original Sprout is a brand I came to know through the Vegan Cuts Beauty box (and loved that there were cruelty free kid options in it, too!) Moms I’ve spoken to said that multi-tasking products are amazing. OS offers this Hair and Body Babywash that takes care of it all. After doing some research, it seems like bath-time is so important…not just for cleanliness but for bonding! Rosemary, Basil, and Aloe smooth skin while soothing. I used this myself during a very hot, trying summer for my skin and it cured any woes I had. And, the gentle scent is not overpowering!

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a brand I’ve been researching on my own more so for post-partum products. However, when I stumbled upon their bottom balm I knew I had to make sure to put it on my list. When I was a kid we used A+D or Desitin. But, I wasn’t wild about the oils and ingredients (not then…now, haha). I also like that I can use this EO blend on bug bites, diaper rash, or even scratches and minor cuts. 

The next two must-haves aren’t really for my future cruelty free kid, but for me. The Uncommon Goods Cotton Teether Crate is just cute as all hell. And, the Edible Veggie Finger Paints by Wee Can Too are right up my husband’s alley for fun Daddy and Baby art time. 

Crunchy mommas, what else should I be putting on my cruelty free kid list? 

5 thoughts on “Cool Cruelty Free Kid Must-Haves

  1. Aw, you’re nesting. c:

    My cousin Charlise has a blog about crunchy parenting. I like your three requirements—after being diagnosed with allergies and learning about various toxins in everyday foods/general products, I was appalled they were even in things babies used. I also lean towards eco-friendly items, so…yeah, it was quite horrifying to learn FDA-approved “organic” farms may be a laugh (not all, but a good select). 😐

    Have you heard of amber necklaces? They’re put on babies’ necks (loosely and with safety precautions) and help keep various pains at bay, like teething. Some companies try to scam people, though, and don’t sell real amber necklaces, but fake ones. SO, if you do decide to get one, maybe do a little more research/look for legit companies? I also don’t know how well they work, but my cousin and her friends are all for it.

    Whilst I won’t have kids for a while, the cute kid towels with hoodies are the cutest, and my future kids will probz have a ton to choose from. :s BECAUSE ADORABLE.
    Liz recently posted…I am pro-kid leashes.My Profile

    1. I have heard about the Amber necklaces and I’ve been looking into some reputable crystal jewelry makers on Etsy to learn more. I definitely love the idea of using natural elements from the Earth to help little ones feel more comfortable!! 🙂 You’re right! It’s scary to see the things that are in everyday products that children use!
      Christine recently posted…Cool Cruelty Free Kid Must-HavesMy Profile

  2. I’m happy to hear that you’re taking the extra step to ensure that your newcomer will be pampered with cruelty-free goods. With the world becoming more aware of the type of products they produce, it’s great to find goods that are cruelty-free!

    I’m years away from planning for a baby, but bathing them with non-toxic/vegan soap is a good start!

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