hey guys!!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I’ve actually been really busy with school lately. I’m managing to stay up to date even though I was out for a bit though so that’s a good thing.
I’ve been blogging it up at livejournal for the past few days. I’m finally starting to get over the whole allergy thing. I’ve been realizing how much my paranoia has been driving Keith crazy. It’s just when you wake up and it feels like your throat is all swollen and tight it scares you. I’m not allergic to anything except ginger, so I don’t know why I was being so paranoid with everything I ate. But I’m finally starting to get over it. Although my job is coming out with a gingerbread bagel and I don’t want to go near it because I’m afraid. My Mom and Keith said I should be fine though. I go back on Saturday from 11-2 so let’s hope I don’t get too tired. I’m sick of being tired!!

A real update later, I suppose. Coming to terms with the fear and getting it out has really helped a lot. Here and on lj.

best thing ever!!!

Ok, so here’s to sounding like a little school girl right now. Keith hasn’t been online or able to get online in forever, and for some reason that always made me feel lonely because we used to chat online all the time and read eachother’s sites and whatnot. He hasn’t been online in about 4 months or more and when my mono was bad a few weeks ago I was all alone on the internet and it made me sad. And yes, I’m aware I am a major dork, but it’s hard when you don’t live together. We see eachother all the time but it’s fun to talk online too. Onwards…

I was finishing up my homework and putting my school stuff together for tomorrow and my alert comes on AIM. Keith is the only person I have on alert, and I was like…”no…it can’t be.” But it was!! Somehow he fixed his internet, which I have yet to hear about but this just made me so happy and I’m like bursting with excitement right now. God, I love him so much.

He was here today painting my Mom’s car and it was nice. Usually Sundays are homework/chill days and we don’t see eachother, so it was nice. We had an amazing dinner. My Dad made awesome chicken and I made a homemade apple pie and it was just a great day, and this made my day even better!

I’m also starting to feel a little better too, so yay for that. Still sleepy sometimes, but slowly getting over the fear of being allergic to everything (that’s what I thought when my throat felt all weird when this first started). For the record. I’m not allergic to anything except ginger, and we don’t have it in the house. I’m a paranoid freak.

zombie attack!!

Halloween was amazing. We dressed up as zombies and it was just freaking fun. We ended up hanging out at my friends apartment and having a quiet Halloween. My mom saved Swedish fish and Junior Mints for me too. And they’re in the little fun size packs!!

Go to my flickr for all of the awesome Halloween photos. They’re all in a set for easy viewing. And the people in the picture who worked at BK took a picture with us. We scared them poopless when we walked in, haha.

picture post!!!

This is a really big picture post. I didn’t add these to my flickr because I’m lazy, haha. So here’s all the pictures from this weekend. Enjoy!! =] And enjoy the fun captions too!

This is not a picture I took. It’s the drink Keith’s boss got for him for his birthday. I’m sure there’s plenty of drinkers out there so check it out!

My ghost cake I made for the Halloween party.

And my spider cake!! I got super creative!

Keith looking kinda stoned, haha.

Me and Keith being cute.

My little cousin Caleb, who is my Mom’s godson.
He’s the only kid I could get to stay still for a pic.

My Aunt Rose had Pooh come to the party, so we took a picture with him.

Everyone at the party doing the scavenger hunt.

And tonight we carved our pumpkin!!

My Dad scooping out pumpkin guts, haha.

The inside of our pumpkin.

The finished product. I design, and my Dad carves.
We made a Vampire this year, haha.

A dark photo, which I thought looked cool.

My Dad and I. AWWW!!!

My Dad and I being gangsta, lol.

We wanted a picture with our cat, Socks, and the pumpkin.
If you look close you can see the cat clawing my Dad, lol.

My Mom and I, lol. Best faces ever, right?

yay for the weekend!!

This weekend is going to be awesome! Today my Dad and I are going to get a pumpkin to carve on Monday. It’s like our tradition. I draw it, and he carves it, haha. Then tonight I’m sleeping at Keith’s. I love sleeping at his house, and getting wake up with him. Makes me so happy! We’re also helping his friend paint his room. I’m probably just going to sit there and watch because Keith doesn’t want me doing anything strenuous. After that the fun begins. If the rain lets up we’re having a bonfire, and if not then we’re just hanging out at his house with some friends and watching horror movies and smoking and drinking.

Paul and I get to stay sober again. I can’t wait until I can just have a beer again. I’m not a big drinker, but just to have a social drink is fun. But it’s for my health!! Apparently when you have mono, your liver is more susceptible. Last night was the 30th anniversary Misfits show and our friends were opening for them, and I had to stay home. If someone ran into me or something, it could be a bad thing.

And my Tamagotchi had a baby boy, wtf? It’s kind of weird seeing two Tamagotchis on the screen. These new ones are so advanced, hah! Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back on Sunday or Monday after the festivities at Keith’s and my Aunt’s Halloween family party. Keith and I are going to be hippies so we don’t scare the little kids. I baked some awesome Halloween cakes for the party, so pictures will be on the way!

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