Product Review: Elta MD Physical SPF 41

A while ago my Aunt scored some free samples of Elta MD Sunscreen, and I just got around to trying it out. I have two tubes of product and used it today when I did my running in the pool and when I laid out afterwards.

Elta’s products range from skincare to suncare, and I was pleased with this product. There is no smell, oil, paraben, or chemicals. This sunscreen has natural ingredients that can be used on children or people with sensitive skin. I liked that it had a little bit of a tint to it as well. I tanned through the sunscreen as well. All too often people think that you can’t tan through sunscreen but you can. It simply blocks UVA and UVB which are the most harmful rays of the sun causing premature aging and skin cancer. You can still get a tan by wearing sunscreen, you’re just not absorbing the most damaging rays.

My only gripe? One of the main ingredients is Zinc Oxide, so if you use a little too much you can have a few white patches. To remove it simply soak a wet cloth and rub away and it’s gone in seconds. I probably used a bit too much, but that was the only problem I saw. If you want to learn some more check out Elta MD’s website.

* * *

And I was tagged by Becky. =] 1. Would you say you have an accent? Haha yes. I have a CT one where I don’t pronounce T’s sometimes.

2. Do you hope to be married (married again if divorced)? I would love to marry Keith. =]

3. If you could take one technology to a desert island (the obvious satellite phone excluded), what would it be? Hmm…this one is tough but probably my laptop with a neverending battery and internet, haha.

4. What is the last activity you bought a ticket for? Probably going to see a movie in Rhode Island. The Love Guru.

Product Review: Diva Dryer Facial Mitt

In my Easter basket my Mom put a Diva Mitt, which I has never seen before in my life. A company named Aquis specializes in face, body, and hair towels that dry you off with special microfibers which are easier on the skin. I’ve been using my Diva Mitt for a while now and wanted to keep using it before I reviews it. I’m absolutely in love!

I use this product whenever I wash my face outside of the shower, so mostly during the day if I need to reapply makeup or on a very hot day, or at night before I go to sleep. The Diva Mitt is targeted for teens, but I still use it. It exfoliates your skin gently while cleaning. After using it my skin feels smooth and soft without the use of a toner afterwards. My skin has been clearer, smoother, and feels healthy and has a glow after I use my mitt to wash and rinse my face. I literally get sad when it’s in the wash, haha.

You can find them on the website or at CVS or Walgreens. I absolutely love my Diva Mitt, and feel 100% confident recommending it to you ladies (or gentlemen)!

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