If I Were Going to Coachella and/or Burning Man

I haven’t been to a really great music festival in a long time. I’m old now. A crazy night to me is sitting on my couch staying up later than 10 p.m. to binge-watch Portlandia while eating 99% fat free popcorn. In a former life I was obsessed with the glam side of music festivals just as much as the music. But, I was a snob. Something where I might sweat, have to sit on the ground, or be close to strangers freaked me out. Now…fast forward to my late (late) 20s and going to Burning Man or Coachella would be my JAM! And because I’m older, wiser, and DGAF about what other people think anymore, I’d probably have a lot of fun. And, I’d wear some whacked out stuff. For now, I’ll settle for wearing my paisley pants in the classroom. But a girl can dream right? 

I am obsessed with anything comfy and flowy. If I were going to be out in the heat, I need something that isn’t going to make me hotter. Enter the palazzo pant in a funky paisley print. I wear these on the regular because they’re so fun and light. I can almost smell the Patchouli incense (oh, wait…that’s just me), and the same goes for anything with FRINGE. I’m loving the woven bags that I’m seeing everywhere this Spring. This cross body bag shown above makes toting my goods easy. You’re supposed to pack light at these things, right? Buh bye…tote bag! Next up…the American Flag short (because my husband thinks they’re tacky). I love how rompers look on other people, but I haven’t been brave enough to actually wear one yet myself. Maybe this summer is the summer I give it a whirl? And last but not least a loud accessory or piece like this backpack OR the sunflower shorts. I’m not one for mixing prints, but I might make an exception to the rule just this once. 

What are you loving for the summer? What pieces do you think I need to finally brighten up my funeral director wardrobe? I’m trying, people! Help me get colorful!

Happy 1st Birthday, Myles!

Myles truck

I’m posting this a few days early because I’m so excited to wish a big old Barkday to Myles, our golden retriever! March 28 will be his first birthday and we’ll be celebrating with two of his BFFs (Duke, a Boxer, and Dover a Rottie) enjoying pupcakes, and puppy shenanigans. Having a dog is one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced, especially since we had him since he was 10 weeks old. Both my husband and I have formed such a great bond with him. He’s our fur-baby and we love him to pieces! 

Myles fam

Here’s our really awkward first family photo. We did not both plan on being all matchy-matchy with out clothes, it just kind of happened that way. He pretty much cried the whole way home, peed in his crate and on his blanket, and wreaked puppy havoc. It was a tiring first week!


myles beach

myles rug

As he got older, we bought him bowties and accessories, toys (and rugs…) that he would eventually destroy, brought him to the beach,  and we took him to AKC Puppy Star class and thought we wouldn’t be invited back after the first time. But…we passed!!

Myles award


We even got told we have a rude dog (though he became the star of the show once he learned that not everything is a social event…Goldens…) And we made some amazing lasting friendships at dog school, both human and canine!

Myles punk pup

Next up for Myles, continued training, Canine Good Citizen (once he’s…ah-hem…fixed),  and Therapy Dog Certification so we can bring him to hospitals, schools, and other places and he can put a smile on the faces of others as he does for us every day. Myles, we love you! Happy 1st Barkday! 

#GetOrganized: How I Isolate the Crazy

I am the chief organizer of the house. It’s always been that way and always shall it be. I’m fine with that because I have a lot of stuff to organize. I save things that others might find strange like cards, journals, and ticket stubs (hello scrapbooking), but once we bought our home a few years back we realized how much stuff we’ve accumulated over the years like decorations, furniture, and artwork. How do you keep it in all in check without losing your mind? Here’s how I make it work!

Everyday life and obligations: 

  • Plan, plan, plan. For my job, I still use a traditional paper planner for lessons and the like, but for my regular life? I’m all digital now. After going through planners of all kinds, I’ve streamlined with my iCal on my phone and laptop. It took some getting used to, but I’m loving how easy it is to add events and set alarms so I can remember what’s on tap for the day.
  • Make a list. I’m not completely done with paper and pen! I use a journal to make lists, reflect on the day, and make sure I know what’s where. For example, I collect Snowpinions (google that) and I make a list of all of the ones I have so I don’t receive duplicates as gifts. 
  • Have one central calendar. Ours is on the fridge whiteboard style. That way we all know what’s happening and when it’s happening. 

Why do we have so much stuff?

Storage bins to get organized
Image credit: Wayfair.com
  • Storage bins! I’m obsessed with the larger than life tupperware storage bins like these. They are cheap, easy to use, and they work for just about anything. We use these for all household decor for holidays and for books! If you’re storing in your basement these help keep valuables dry!
  • Statement pieces. I love a good reclaimed wood drawer set or vintage looking basket, too. These are great for storage that’s hidden in plain sight. 
  • Benches like any of these add some extra seating. We have a smaller house (beach life, ya’ll), so having storage that doubles as seating for company adds a nice, useful touch. 

Have you set your goals yet to help you #GetOrganized this year? What are you trying to do differently to isolate your crazy? For more inspiration check out Wayfair.com’s Storage Solutions!

UK Candy, 2016 Goals, & Cruelty Free Detoxing

A few cool things have happened in the past few weeks. Of course, 2016 is here and in full swing. After a season of food, snacks, events, and hustle and bustle it’s nice to just have some downtime. Right before the new year, I entered Holly’s giveaway over at The Little Blog of Vegan and scored some amazing Vegan candy and lip tints from the UK! Can we talk about their version of our sour gummy worms? I have to really check my gummy candies since going plant-based, and Jealous Sweets are delicious. I’m totally obsessed with Tangy Worms!

For 2016, I’m really going to try to regularly write again in a journal. Yes, if you search up my 2015 goals you’ll probably see something similar to that. Writing is so cathartic. I need to stop counting the grocery list as “real writing” and start being more reflective in my practice. We’ll see how that goes!


Last but not least, I’m obsessed with Tone It Up their clean eating recipes. They have a drink called the Bombshell Spell that you have each morning to wake up and get energized. It’s comprised of 4 oz Pineapple Juice, 2 tbsp Raw AVC, and a squeeze of lime. I omit the honey and have a perfect CF detox drink for the morning hours. Can we talk about their chocolate protein pancake? Yep, it’s delicious! I’m thinking 2016 is going to be a great time to look forward to goals, challenges, and more! Someone remind me to keep writing in a real journal, will you? 

December 2015: The Visual Version

Wow…it’s been over a month since I’ve last updated and blogged. That means no random ramblings, no crunchy cruelty free cosmetics, and no doofy dog photos. How have you survived? I jest. The holiday season has been kicking my butt; and Christmas hasn’t even come yet. But seriously, where has 2015 gone? Here’s how I’ve been spending the last few weeks of a really awesome year!

What are those???

I ran my first official 5k in my hometown! I’ve been running on and off for a few years, but finally took it seriously in 2015. I’ve started running with my dog, too. Keith came to support me on Thanksgiving morning with my Mom and my mother in law. Big props for them since it was 40 degrees out. I finished in just about 38:00. 🙂


Myles is 9 months old! Where does the time go? He’s just over 50 lbs and has some more growing to do. He got groomed for the first time and passed his AKC S.T.A.R Puppy test. We’ll be continuing obedience training and moving on to Canine Good Citizen in 2016. The final goal? Myles will hopefully become a therapy dog so I can bring him to my job, other schools, hospitals, and more!

Sniif, sniif, yum!

I love my doTerra oils! I’ve been diffusing Holiday Joy which has a sweet, spicy scent to it. It’s such a great mood booster and really sets the theme for holiday happenings. You’d better believe it’ll be going when we host Christmas Eve tomorrow night. 

Gifts galore!

I think I have the most generous students ever this year! This Harry Potter Pop Figure was my first gift and the generosity continued with EOS hand cream, The Body Shop butter, Starbucks gift cards, Snoblove Soaps, ORLY, Peppermint Bark, and a beautiful necklace. Can you believe my students shopped cruelty free? I love it! 

Here’s to 2016, if I don’t post beforehand! May you all have a Merry and bright holiday!