Product Review: Diva Dryer Facial Mitt

In my Easter basket my Mom put a Diva Mitt, which I has never seen before in my life. A company named Aquis specializes in face, body, and hair towels that dry you off with special microfibers which are easier on the skin. I’ve been using my Diva Mitt for a while now and wanted to keep using it before I reviews it. I’m absolutely in love!

I use this product whenever I wash my face outside of the shower, so mostly during the day if I need to reapply makeup or on a very hot day, or at night before I go to sleep. The Diva Mitt is targeted for teens, but I still use it. It exfoliates your skin gently while cleaning. After using it my skin feels smooth and soft without the use of a toner afterwards. My skin has been clearer, smoother, and feels healthy and has a glow after I use my mitt to wash and rinse my face. I literally get sad when it’s in the wash, haha.

You can find them on the website or at CVS or Walgreens. I absolutely love my Diva Mitt, and feel 100% confident recommending it to you ladies (or gentlemen)!

Edit: Join plurk, which is the new social networking. Like Twitter, but on a timeline. Tons of fun!!

Total Beauty & more?

Tashina blogged about Total, and I’m hooked. You can win prizes, but I’ve just been having fun reviewing and looking up new products. It’s a really fun site, and has some great beauty tips, product reviews, and blogs too!

I saw the most amazing movie today on Lifetime. It was called Engaged to Kill. Now, I know some people think Lifetime is a pile of television poo, but I absolutely love this channel. This movie kept me awake and riveted and that was with a warm fuzzy cat and a quilt on top of me. For some reason rainy days + a cold + lifetime + my cat = happiness. Add in some Wavy Lays and I’m good to go. I’ve been focusing on getting well and resting so I can have some fun tomorrow at the party tomorrow.

Remind me to bring my camera since I often fail at that. <333 Have a great weekend everybody!

Egg Mask

I totally did an Egg White Mask about 2 hours ago and my skin feels like a baby’s butt, haha. My friend Kathleen told me to try it out, so we did it after class today. It felt like I had Botox shots in my face when I was waiting for it to dry, and then I washed it off and washed my face with my cleanser. My face still feels tingly and clean. My face still burns a little bit, haha. I really liked how it felt, but I don’t think it’s something I’d do every day. Has anyone else tried this?

Tomorrow night is my last class of the week, and then Thursday I’m off to NYC, and Christine’s 21st weekend commences. Let the chaos begin!